Unwind and clear your mind with our Need My Beauty Sleep Bath Soak! This soak is formulated with many ingredients known to help ease an anxious mind and body to help you get to sleep, naturally. Slip away after a long day, and into a warm relaxing bath. Enjoy! You deserve a treat. 

Need My Beauty Sleep Bath Soak

  • Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Pure Baking Soda, Organic Chamomile, Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of Organic Clary Sage, Organic Frankincense, Organic Sandalwood, Organic Ylang Ylang, Organic Ho Wood, & Organic Geranium, Organic Vanilla


    This product comes in a 10 oz glass jar with a seed paper tag tied with natural twine.


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    Live pure.

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