Have you heard? We have combined the power of crystals and organic essential oils to bring you our crystal roll-on collection! You can now grab all of your favorites combined with a powerful stone to help administer these sacred oil blends. 


When you need to freshen up or are feeling anxious, re-charge with our synergistic uplifting blend. Lavender works harmoniously with oils like bergamot and ylang ylang to calm a busy mind. We have now added the power of rose quartz to work in synergy with our exclusive essential oil blend. Rose quartz is known as a calming stone. It is a wonderful stone for stress. It’s calming nature helps to facilitate the release of negative emotions and energy leaving room for positivity and love.

Stress Be Gone Aromatherapy Roll-On + Rose Quartz

  • Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of Organic Lavender, Organic Blood Orange, Organic Ylang Ylang, Organic Patchouli, Organic Bergamot, & Organic Grapefruit, Non GMO Vitamin E


    This product comes in a .35 oz glass roll-on with a true rose quartz roller ball.


    Know what's in your products.

    Live pure.


    **We do custom orders! If you have an allergy to a certain ingredient, aversion to certain scent, or would like custom skin care made for your specific skin type send us a message! We will be happy to accommodate you if possible!

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