Nashville Vegfest 2017

April 12, 2017

Nashville Vegfest 2017 was so very incredible. This was our second year in attendance. Vegfest isn't simply another market to us, it is a celebration of a plant based lifestyle and a place to connect with other like minded individuals first and foremost. The energy is so indescribable. It's as if you can feel change in the air. 

We met so many people who are trying to truly change things. People who are not just in it for the money. That is the least of their concerns. People who truly CARE about bettering our world. People who do what they can every single day to inact change. People who are doing their part to facilitate the shift. People after our own heart. 

After learning the truth about many things in our world, I used to be somewhat of a nihilist. I used to think that I alone could not change anything. I felt so defeated. Connecting with people at Vegfest helps me to remember​ we are not alone in our mission, even when we feel like outcasts.

Now I stand today and can say with complete confidence that I am not too small and neither are you. I can make a difference and you can too. Each and every single thing you do matters. Each and every thing you do is perpetuating the cycle or making a change. The choice is yours and yours​ alone.

Nashville Vegfest, you were an inspiration. To each and every person that stopped by our booth, gave us a hug, that we shared a moment with: Thank you. To each and every person who chose to vote with their dollar this weekend for a better world, we thank you. To each and every person we met trying to make a difference, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. What you do matters.


Here is a picture of our set-up this year:



This is a sweet lady we met named Adeline. She is a rescued turkey who will be allowed to live out the rest of her years in peace thanks to the organization Gentle Barn located in Knoxville, TN. You can learn more about Gentle Barn and what they do by visiting our Give Back page and clicking on the Gentle Barn logo!



Here is a photo of our team at Nashville Vegfest:





If you feel too small, defeated, and alone, know that there are others out there fighting for what is right. 

We will succeed. 
We will change things. 
We will convince the people that it matters. 
You are not alone. 
We stand with you in spirit. 
We will change the world. 🌍
Be the change.
Live pure. ✌️💚💡

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