Recycling - Why Does it matter?

April 21, 2017

Happy Earth Day weekend!

We at Apothepurity treat every day like Earth day, and we hope you do too! 

It is so easy to think, I alone cannot make a difference, but that is simply not true. I am here to tell you that you alone CAN and DO make a difference.


Let's take recycling for example. I want you to think about the average amount of trash you throw away in a week. How about a month? Now think about a year. 

Why does it matter? 

For so many reasons. Let's start with a few key points:

👉  Most plastic doesn't even BEGIN to break down for 200 years. 

👉  The average plastic bottle takes 450 years to break down. So essentially, a bottle you throw away today would still be around well past your great grandchildren. 

👉   Aluminum cans take 80 to 200 years to decompose in a landfill.

👉  Glass quite literally doesn't really decompose. Some sources state that glass that is thrown away could stick around for MILLIONS of years. We just don't have enough room on the planet for that. 

The average American produces 4.3 lbs of waste per day. That is 1569.5 lbs of waste per year, per person. Now, imagine if the majority of that waste was recycled and composted. The EPA estimated that approximately 75% of trash is actually recyclable, yet only 30% is recycled. This is not okay. 

Here are the facts:

👉  Americans generate over 21.5 MILLION tons of food waste each year. If that food waste were composted instead, the amount of greenhouse emissions this would reduce is equivalent to taking 2 million cars off of the road. 

👉  The average American has the opportunity to recycle over 25,000 aluminum cans in a lifetime.

👉  Recycling a SINGLE aluminum can save enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours!

👉  Recycling a stack of newspaper that is only 3 feet high saves a tree! 

👉  Choosing to recycle just ONE glass jar conserves enough energy to power a CFL lightbulb for up to 20 hours.

There are quite a few companies who choose to use recycled materials to produce their products. In addition to recycling ourselves, we purchase from these companies as often as possible. A few that are noteworthy: 

P R E S E R V E 
for razors and toothbrushes. Their products are made my using recycled yogurt cups which is SO cool. PLUS they make a great product. I switched to this company many years ago and haven't missed my old Venus or Colgate toothbrushes at all!

Visit them to learn more:

G R E E N   T O Y S 
for children's toys. When we purchase toys for our son or buy a birthday present for a child, we often choose Green Toys. They are a great company. Each toy they produce is made from 100% recycled materials. That's something I can get on board with. 
Learn more at:

C E M E N T 6
for wallets, bags, and so much more. Cement 6 is a local Nashville company whose products are made in Cambodia from recycled cement bags, hence the name! They more than fairly traded with the makers they employ and visit/donate often to empower the local communities. Added bonus, they have the cutest designs! 
Check them out at:


Here is a shot of my fun wallet from Cement6!


E T E R N A L   R E T U R N S
for candles, frames, planters, furniture, home decor and SO much more. Eternal Returns started as a local Nashville recycling company and is now an upcycling company as well. They take recycled items from many local businesses and turn them into works of art.
Check out what they do:


Here is a shot of one of our reclaimed wood planters by Eternal Returns!


Do you see how much of a difference you can make? Now what if you told a friend? Then they told a friend and so forth. Imagine the impact you can have. Positive or negative. The choice is yours. 

We encourage you to be the change. 
Live pure. ✌️

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