October 25, 2017


What does it mean to us? Natural to us means of Earth and in unison with Earth's inherent processes.

To us, natural and organic should be interchangeable, but they are not. There is nothing in current legislature in the U.S. that actually defines this term.

Natural, in our opinion, is the most grossly abused term today. So many companies use the term "natural" to appeal to the naturally minded population, when in fact their products are riddled with synthetic pesticides, fragrances, hormone disrupting chemicals and more. This is confusing to people who are trying to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. 

What exactly is natural about synthetic pesticides and herbicides? Nothing at all. 

If a product isn't completely organic, in our opinion, it shouldn't be called natural. This is a prime example of green washing.

The term natural has no legal definition for beauty products, meaning it actually literally means nothing. We must stay vigilant and be aware of the abuse of these terms by the industry. Our government has shown time and time again that they will not regulate the term, even with lobbying from many people like us.

Another term that makes us cringe is "non-toxic." Like natural, this term has no legal definition. This is purely a marketing term. Just like natural, many of the products that claim to be "non-toxic," still use non-organic ingredients that contain synthetic herbicides and pesticides, which are in fact toxic to our bodies.

If we want to change things, we must first stop supporting companies who choose to abuse these terms. We must stop feeding the beast.




We the consumer hold the power. If we refuse to give these companies our money, they will change or fizzle out.

Stay vigilant green warriors.
Knowledge is power.
Live pure.

(P.S......Water is technically a chemical. The companies who claim to use "no chemicals" really mean no synthetic chemicals. This really gets us too! Thanks for reading our rant!)

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