May 3, 2018



When we hear the term "fragrance", we automatically picture fields of lavender, lilacs blowing in the wind, the smell of roses etc. Now what if I told you your conventional perfume and body care products are made of none of those things?

T H E  T R U T H

It's made with harsh, toxic chemicals meant to trick your brain into believing you are smelling something good.

Your brain may not know the difference, but you body surely does. Often when we apply perfume we sneeze, can get headaches, feel dizzy, and more. This is our bodies way of letting us know it does not like what we are putting on our skin. We often ignore these signs and continue on about our day. These chemicals, however, can cause major issues in the human body. Let's examine some of the damage fragrance is known to do....

First and foremost, it is a known allergen and immune system toxicant. It is considered toxic to wildlife and our environment. Fragrance has also shown in studies to irritate our respiratory tract, be toxic to our organ systems....including our precious endocrine system, and can even cause certain types of cancers! 

F R A G R A N C E = T O X I C  C H E M I C A L S

There are over 3,000 chemicals used to produce what we know as "fragrance" and these chemicals are never listed on the package. Why? First of all, companies aren't required by the FDA to do so under the guise that it's "proprietary information." (Like we all have labs to make synthetic chemicals in!) Secondly, would you buy something that had hundreds, possibly thousands of toxic chemicals listed on the box? Hopefully not.

A few top offenders are:

Nano oxides

Phthalates, used to make a scent last longer, for instance, are a known endocrine system disruptor and can cause damage to the reproductive system. 

Don't just take my word for it. A fabulous resource that we love is the non-profit EWG: Environmental Working Group. 

Visit: www.ewg.org to search individual ingredients and products to learn more. They also have an app you can download to access the information quickly on your phone!

W H A T  C A N  Y O U  D O?

We can avoid purchasing products that list fragrance as an ingredient. We the consumer control the market. This demands transparency. We can take control of what we choose to put on our skin, our largest organ. We can choose to purchase from companies who disclose what's in their products.

What's in your products?

Live pure.

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