Compost Happens

May 12, 2018

Imagine turning your vegetable scraps into nutrient rich soil for you plants. It's called composting and its SO easy to do!



Step One - Buy a Bin!

There are many options for compost bins out there. A lovely organic farmer I know suggested we get one with an open bottom, because it can draw up the worms which results in better soil. So, that's what we did! I couldn't be happier with our decision. Our bin has holes in the bottom to draw up the worms from existing soil, a flip top opening, and a slide up doorway near the bottom to access fertile soil that's ready.

Step Two - Start Your Bin

Go big or go home! No, but need to start big. Save up your vegetables scraps, leaves, grass clippings etc. Layer them starting with brown, then green, brown, green, and always end with brown! Ending with brown helps cut down on things like fruit flies and keeps your bun moist. Layering with brown creates air pockets to keep everything in working order!

👍Do add:

Kitchen scraps (unseasoned veggies + fruit only!)
Coffee + coffee filters
Grass clippings
Wood chips
Shredded newspaper
Egg shells

👎Don't add:

Seasoned fruits and veggies



Step Three - Turn, Turn, Turn🎵🎼

Every few days, or at least once a week, take a shovel or pick and turn, or aerate your bin. Just mix things up in there. Make sure during hot, dry weather that your bin stays moist, but not wet! That's it! 

Step Four - Enjoy Nutrient Rich Soil

After a few months to a year depending on weather in your area and many other factors like the frequency of turning, materials you use, will have nutrient rich AMAZING soil for your house plants or garden. All you need if a tiny bit added to the soil in your plants, water, and watch the magic happen. Your plants will be so happy, and the Earth will thank you! Compost is the perfect way to reduce waste AND produce your own nutrient dense natural fertilizer!

We hope you learned something! Stay tuned! Tag us in your composting adventures using the hashtag:


#apothepurity or

#apothepuritylivepure & we just may repost!

Live pure.✌💚

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